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Past – Present – Future of Experience in Technology

Monday, October 3, 2016


Decades back when computers were not a part of life; experience of technology was only part of science laboratories. Users of these labs were extremely  concerned about functionality rather than “look & feel”

Those were the times, when Art & Science were in different quadrants.


Evolution of Technology


Early 20th Century from 1900 to 1950. The landscape of world changed forever. Electricity, Telephone, Flying planes, Automobiles were all introduced in first 50 years of 19th Century during WW1 & WW2 extensive research cycles. The word computer was coined but never took to the level, How today it is being ubiquitous.


As widely researched Right brain for Art & Left brain for Science was an Era, where Art was revered as genre in music, movies, painting, literature. Both were a parallel world with no connectivity till those days, as scientists never felt greater influence of art in science.


Time evolved in early 70’s, as economies of western countries became stable & prosperous. Insurance, banking, automobile, manufacturing sectors became enriched & started imbibing all the best in class technologies available those days. IBM Mainframes were an earlier introductions to commercial sectors, begun a process of automation & mundane activities of corporation.


Late 80’s advent of Macintosh & Personal computer changed the landscape of whole human race. Technology took a next big leap & computers were available to all the humans in the world, lead to rapid growth in software, hardware research catering a huge population of world.


Again in few years, early 90’s an internet evolution, Information distribution & connectivity unprecedented rate & greater inclusion of all the world population in the new digital world.


Now, with this a lot of evolution, original technology interface created for scientists were being in a verge state of new interface for all the human population was in demand, software & hardware creations have kept in a race for being a best choice of human race.


Today in Technology


Last 15 years technology had a transformation journey from  standalone/Desktop software to connected Architecture to data pragmatic decisions systems, now we have reached a IOT & cloud systems, where most things in the world are connected & our data live in some extreme unknown places.


Now, Time has arrived where Technology & humans are interacting at the greatest & are bound increase exponentially in future. Psychology has been an artistic and pragmatic interpretation of human feelings & needs.


Social & Enterprise software & products are created at the best in class, so humans keep using it. Analogous to movies; as they are made according to audience need & feedback.


Software’s are made according to need & feeling for users/humans. Yesterday’s enterprise software are learning from today’s social software & vice-versa.


This paves way for an industry of people – who make over software/products prettier, intuitive, agile, aligned and best in class with competitive peers.


IOT, UX, Cloud, AI are buzz technologies, where advent is in progress & research is in a great pace to make technology ready for future.



Tomorrow in Technology


2050, World would be more connected in every sense telecom & social media utilities connect people, Connecting machines & animals around would be rampant.


Day in the Future :

  1. Alarmed wake up in a Highly energizing bed, which has learnt my    sleeping pattern & customized needs.

  2. Chef robot enabled kitchen, where required nutrients for the day are    determined by calendar & cooked according to delicacy taste buds.

  3. Connected & Temperature controlled bathroom – ionized bath &  rejuvenating experience.

  4. Designer + Environmental Clothing; where clothing being in vogue trends along with an experience like                                     a).Clothing comforts according with external & internal variations &        clothing can make body work while travel or while seated.         b).Color & pattern of same clothing according to season, time of day        with customization.                                                            c)Interface to clothing where line between electronic gadgets &               clothing disappear.                                                               d).Clothing can have future mobile & tablet features with time piece       in sleeves & plenty of ergonomic features.

  5. Autonomous vehicle drives to place according to calendar schedule.

  6. Predefined or spontaneous work accomplished with an aid for connected intelligent machines.                                                a.)Cardiac surgeon seated in New York can operate a patient in              remote locations of Africa with an aid of connected Technology,          doctor could direct the machines seated in his office, with this new      world in waiting !!

  7. Athletics will be calibrated according to individual body needs so that injuries can be prevented.


Work – Culture – Body will all be integrated using Enterprise software, Social Software & Implanted devices respectively. This day in future is near reality, as most of research cognizance is available & interpreted implementation is in waiting.


As future keeps approaching : Machines should be built intuitively to use & Software need to be programmed for soothing experience.


  • Army of engineers are required to make  :“Intelligent brains for machines” 

  • Artistic & Pragmatic Psychiatrists to model : “Prettier, intuitive interface for these machines” 

  • Realistic Doctors to treat : “New world of illness & soothing treatment with machines”

“Connected, Programmed, Autonomous world to experience in 2050”









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