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Work Week : User Experience Designer

Tuesday, September 6, 2016




Early Monday morning, catching an uber to nearest airport & sipping a quality coffee & listening to country music. In next 2 hours boarding a flight to customer corporate office, where exciting ideas are put to life !!


Day 1 : Let’s Begin Discovery of whole enterprise interface !!


Monday’s are fresh, brewing with ideas from everyone; once into room of discussion, meeting a bunch of executives – who have kept in pace with industry trends, now bringing a tangential transformation to their enterprise interface with ergonomic readiness for next generation.


Me & Team sat for long hours discussing with stakeholders, audience of enterprise products & uncovering their needs & perspectives while finding answers for

  • What they are ?

  • Where they are from ?

  • Where they want to reach?

  • What is cultural need for history ?

  • What is future generation need of Enterprise?                                                And many more..

Exploration never completes, but information can be made concrete; now “Falling in love with problems is an approach for solutions. Suggestions, Improvisations, Consultation, confirmations all follow in tandem.


Walking for lunch in enterprise cafeteria; telling each other let’s grab a bite of salad , while thinking of even better suggestions & designs in mind.


Always believed, Ideas are manifestation of prolonged Imagination, while imagining while imagining How the idea can be ideated with solution to be solved, evening 6 rings & my realization of morning flight jet lag keeps reminding.


Day 2 : Continued Exploration with an imagination of future interface !!


Tuesday morning, Nice sleep & morning breakfast energized to "stand – present – validate Ideas & design on storyboard & whiteboard". This feeling of satisfaction of our imagination in customer eyes is best part of career.


Now, we present draft “Journey maps” & “Persona developments”; C-Executives will have a sense of transformation of organization. Responsibilities are shared, now we are partners in their “to be success journey”.


Now, Once tool kits are opened : Imaginations are taking shape as creations

  1. Extensive Interviews are being painted as Context maps, Observations, Visual analogical diagrams.

  2. Business & competitor trends & user behavior patterns are educated mutually

  3. Business Facts & destinations are meticulously measured.


Day 3: Designing the future interface with aspirations of feedback loop !!


Wednesday, problems need to be addressed is this the memo :


Designing the interface for providing ergonomic experience; vision of design are phrased with future innovation & Legacy inclusion with HUMAN first & TECHNOLOGY follows approach.


Again different set of tool kits are utilized to create :


  1. Storyboards followed by Sketches of each pattern & design with behavior simulation to imagination ease.

  2. Digital Prototypes : "Behavior enabled prototypes & wireframes" are created to undergo a feedback loop with users & stakeholders

  3. Prioritization of ideas in order of business value creation.


Day 4 : Delving the intricacies to develop Epitome Design for Analytics, Marketing & many arms of enterprise !!


Thursday, Hey a day left to fly back Home !!


Today’s customer expects complex system to experience in simplest form with a customization according to aspirations.


New toolkit again utilized to create :

  1. More Analytic visualization & dynamic content display artifacts are used wisely for easy knowledge distribution & customer retention.

  2. Instinctive navigation for interface is provided for users across age, gender, geography, locale consideration.

  3. Facilitate the design to capture the user behavior to drive meaningful results for marketing.


Day 5 : Develop – Develop : Generalize to framework


Friday, In few hours flying back home & family time !!!


Extensive development of each intrinsic component with correct content & positions, as learnt in earlier days. Work involved with an iteration graduates to generalization & those specific components are moved to be part of framework.


FrontEnd, BackEnd Engineering teams are involved in a while to make the imagination to reality. Our created Prototypes, Wireframes, etc. are their blueprint of development of UI components


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Database, business engineering & different technology bricks are used according to need & development progresses with agile methodology.


Evening hours rings & now flying starts back & Happy weekend with family !!!








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