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Content Strategy for Single Sheet Dashboard Design

Saturday, January 7, 2017

It is important to organize the dashboard before you pour your thoughts on a signal sheet. I have always liked Simple, clean, clutter free websites with minimal distraction to my eyes while I try to analyze numbers converted to fun readable designs !


Here are some of the few tips to organize your dashboard for the best consumption for users.


Let`s say you have a webpage and you divide it into three different sections. Each section holds a valuable meaning for your content.



First - Viewer`s Direct Attention

When a viewer looks on the screen their eyes are directed towards top-left corner of the screen. If the viewer skips to see this area, they immediately is directed to the center of the screen. Therefore, here you should display your most important information. It can be a summary, diagram, menu, something you want your users to consume at first.



Second - The less eye catchy

The top-right corner and bottom left corner of the screen. This space should be utilized to fill progressively more detailed information.



Third - Least Important

The bottom right corner is the least viewed by the viewer. Therefore, here you can make some space for the “not so important content”.








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